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Indiana State USBC WBA Chronicles and Heritage

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Table of Contents

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Indiana State USBC WBA Resolution


Indiana State USBC WBA Certificate of Association


Table of Contents




USBC Local Associations


Indiana State USBC WBA Board Members


Indiana State USBC WBA Special Members


Indiana State USBC WBA Committee Assignments






Calendar of Events


Tournament Calendar


State Workshops


Indiana State Jamboree




Indiana State USBC WBA Publications


Indiana State USBC WBA Website


Indiana State USBC WBA Yearbook




Hall of Fame - Woman Bowler


Hall of Fame - Meritorious Service


Hall of Fame - Special Services - Senior


Hall of Fame - Star of Yesteryear


Hall of Fame - Indiana USBC Hall of Fame Members


USBC National Recognition




State Recognition Awards


Certificate of Appreciation


Local President Award of Excellence


Local Secretary Award of Excellence


Barbara Spencer Local Association Award of Excellence


Kathryn C. Hotzel Bowling Writer Award


Friend of Indiana State USBC WBA


Indiana State USBC WBA Special Recognition Award


Indiana State USBC WBA Scholarships




Indiana State Queens Tournament


Championship Tournament Records


Current State Champions


Tournament Hosts and Team Totals


Indiana Seniors Championship Tournament, Women's Singles


Indiana State Mixed Champions




300 Games


800 Series




Historically Speaking About Indiana State USBC WBA


Bowl Indiana Leadership Conferences


Area Fun Days


Association Managers


Past & Current Indiana State USBC WBA Board Members


Past WISBA Officers


Past WISBA Directors


Past Team Champions


Past Doubles Champions


Past Singles Champions


Past All Events Champions

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Indiana State USBC WBA
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