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What You Get for Your Membership Dues


Your $2.00 Indiana State USBC WBA (IS USBC WBA) membership dues includes.........

  • Recognition and Awards for individual accomplishments reached throughout the season
    —to include 75 pins over average game, 125 pins over average series, 300 game and 700 or 800 series; special recognitions
  • Hall of Fame to recognize those outstanding in their own way...
    bowling abilities, contribution to state association, and contribution to the sport of bowling
  • Women's State Tournament Awards – to include 150 game, 200 game, 400-500-600-700 series, Looking Good and Foxy Lady pins; handicap and scratch champion awards for each event; squad leader award and first-time championship tournament bowler award certificate
  • Tournament Participation Award – given after 25 years of tournament participation and every five years thereafter (Special award for 50 years)
  • Annual State Awards Banquet to recognize Tournament Champions (State and Mixed Tournaments—handicap & scratch, and Queens Tournament); Special Recognitions
  • State 500 Club Membership, as requirements are met
  • State 600 Club Membership, as requirements are met
  • Association Services… Speakers as requested for local functions
  • Training/Communication assistance to local associations
  • Summer Workshop for men, women, and youth bowlers
  • The Indiana State USBC WBA Website (Includes complete Chronicles & Heritage)
  • Eblasts for up-to-date information, announcements, and reminders
  • "Fillable" Online Forms for Members' convenience.  (Complete form online, print a copy for your records and print one to submit.)
  • Representation at the USBC Annual Meeting
  • Scholarship program — $500 renewable (up to 4 years) and $500 one-time stipend
Eligibility to participate as per tournament entry rules and tournament fees:
  • Indiana State Women's Championship Tournament
  • Indiana State Queens Tournament
  • Indiana State Mixed Tournament
  • Indiana State Seniors Tournament
  • Female Roll-off winners eligible to participate in USBC National Seniors Tournament (entry and partial expenses paid)

    Indiana State USBC WBA
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