Indiana State USBC WBA Annual Meeting
Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
March 4, 2017


Kim Lucas, Indy USBC

Indiana Woman Bowler
Christy Woodruff, Indy USBC

Indiana Woman Bowler
Mary Ellen Strack, Columbia City USBC WBA

Special Service-Senior

Attending Hall of Fame Members

David Small escorted Judy Smith

Judy Smith
Indiana Woman Bowler - 1984

Viva Ervin escorted by Paul Stone

Viva Ervin
Indiana Woman Bowler - 1989

Ann Prather escorted by Steve Fischer

Ann Prather
Meritorious Service - 1991

Lisa Anserello escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Lisa Anserello
Indiana Woman Bowler - 1994

Paul Stone escorted Cheryl Jacobs-Morrison

Cheryl Jacobs-Morrison
Indiana Woman Bowler - 1999

Phyllis Boze escorted by David Small

Phyllis Boze
Meritorious Service - 2000

Jeniece Kasey escorted by Steve Fischer

Jeniece Kasey
Star of Yesteryear - 2000

Dallas Bowman escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Dallas Bowman
Meritorious Service - 2002

Gerri Smolen escorted by Paul Stone

Gerri Smolen
Meritorious Service - 2003

Katie Dunsmore escorted by Steve Fischer

Katie Dunsmore
Meritorious Service - 2004

Alice Hacker escorted by David Small

Alice Hacker
Meritorious Service - 2004

Joyce Katona escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Joyce Katona
Meritorious Service - 2005

Phyllis Hussung escorted by Paul Stone

Phyllis Hussung
Meritorious Service - 2006

Dee Johnson escorted by Steve Fischer

Dee Johnson
Meritorious Service - 2007

Jan Davis escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Jan Davis
Special Service-Senior - 2008

Sherry Munn escorted by David Small

Sherry Munn
Meritorious Service - 2008

Alusta Kneeves escorted by Paul Stone

Alusta Kneeves
Special Service-Senior - 2009

DiAnne Rickel escorted by Steve Fischer

DiAnne Rickel
Meritorious Service - 2009

Jackie Arman escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Jackie Arman
Meritorious Service - 2010

Debbie Abel escorted by Steve Fischer

Debbie Abel
Meritorious Service - 2012

Ede Kline escorted by Paul Stone

Ede Kline
Meritorious Service - 2012

David Small escorted Sue Thornton

Sue Thornton
Special Service-Senior - 2012

Trudi Markul escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Trudi Markul
Meritorious Service - 2013

Catherine Cox escorted by Paul Stone

Catherine Cox
Indiana Woman Bowler - 2014

Linda Burns escorted by Steve Fischer

Linda Burns
Indiana Woman Bowler - 2015

Rose Mae Brozek escorted by David Small

Rose Mae Brozek
Special Service-Senior - 2015

Velma Chasey escorted by Carl Slabaugh

Velma Chasey
Meritorious Service - 2016

Susie Lay escorted by Steve Fischer

Susie Lay
Indiana Woman Bowler - 2016

Kimberly Woodall escorted by Paul Stone

Kimberly (Adams) Woodall
Indiana Woman Bowler 2016


George Lambert, USBC Regional Manager, receives the
Friend of Indiana State USBC WBA Award from President Judy Smith

George Lambert gets a State "Thank you!"
from President Smith.

Indiana State USBC WBA Special Recognition Awardees

Corky Koch, Indianapolis, IN

George Lambert gives Corky Koch a
pat on the back...

Marilynn Glinski is congratulated by
Association Manager Gerri Smolen

Marilynn Glinski, Griffith, IN


(L-R)Virginia Whittaker, Rushville USBC WBA; Nancy Hoover, Goshen USBC WBA; Arlene Hammons, Rushville USBC
WBA; Niki Avery, Franklin USBC; Debra Middleton, Orange Co USBC WBA; Shannon Estep, Elwood USBC; Tammy
Scott, Huntington USBC WBA; Linda Pugh, Crawfordsville USBC; Missi Lewis, Huntington USBC WBA; Arlanda “Jo”
Bullock, Crawfordsville USBC; Sharon Grizzell, Gr Terre Haute USBC WBA; Rae Weaver, City of Firsts USBC; Norma
Bruner, Gr Terre Haute USBC WBA; Candy Bauer, Brandywine USBC; Robin Bassett, Gr Greencastle USBC; Mona
Smith, Anderson USBC.
Valda Wielgos


President Judy Smith welcomes
the Delegates and Attendees
to the 2017 Annual Meeting

Association Manager Gerri Smolen
addresses the delegation
IS USBC BA President Alice Hacker
speaks to the attendees on the Open Events

President Smith caught a mouse... OH WAIT!
It's Kevin Kubsch
St. Joe Valley USBC President
welcoming everyone to
the 2017 State Tournament
in South Bend!

State Women's Annual Meeting Finale

An emotional moment as the Indiana State
USBC WBA Board of Directors and
friends recognize President Judy
Smith and Association Manager Gerri
Smolen with roses for their years of hard work,
commitment, dedication and friendships.

Indiana State USBC WBA
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